About Us

Flowers for Florists is a long established cut flower and florist sundries wholesaler. The business was founded in 1983 and now serves customers large and small, near and far.

Unusually for a wholesaler we also sell to the general public providing fresh cut flowers and florist supplies at wholesale prices. There’s no minimum order value and you don’t need a trade account to buy from us.

For those customers who wish to ‘do it themselves’ our expert, friendly staff can provide advice and a sounding board for ideas. Alternatively our experienced on-site florists can prepare arrangements for weddings, funerals, corporate and private events etc.


The original owner of the business had a chain of florist shops in the local area. In order to assure his supply of high quality flowers he set up Flowers for Florists. As the business grew he found himself servicing many other flower shops as well as his own. At one time the business supplied all of the flowers to one of the big supermarket chains.

With the arrival of the internet and e-commerce in the early 2000s, suddenly international suppliers were easily able to do business with individual flower shops directly. Flowers for Florists needed to evolve and so began broadening its customer base instead of relying solely on selling to florists.

Flowers for Florists is now relatively uniquely placed as a supplier of cut flowers and florist sundries that is open not just to the trade but also to the general public, local businesses, hotels, pubs, restaurants, churches, flower clubs etc. In fact, anyone who needs beautiful fresh flowers and florist sundries at wholesale prices.

For a long time the business ran alongside its sister business, the local garden centre, both owned by the same proprietor and based in Lingfield.  In 2012 both businesses moved to our current location, on the A22 just south of Godstone, to make way for housing developments. In 2015 the garden centre was sold and was sadly closed in early 2018. We are optimistic that we will be able to use the space the garden centre occupied for some of our future expansion. We are using some of this space already to hold our popular workshops and demonstrations.

In mid 2018 the original owner sold the business in order to focus on a new project in Devon and Flowers for Florists was bought by its current owner, Tim Wildenberg. Tim is working hard to introduce Flowers for Florists Ltd to new customers and bring fresh ideas to the business.

We look forward to welcoming you to Flowers for Florists as it enters its 38th year!

A word from the boss…

As the new owner I am planning on making a number of changes to upgrade the shop and to improve customer satisfaction.

If you have any suggestions you would like to make or ideas you think would improve the shop please email me at: tim@flowersforflorists.co.uk

Thank you for your suggestions and thank you too for your business and your patience as we work through our improvements.

Tim Wildenberg – Owner, Flowers for Florists Ltd