Wholesale Flowers

To make sure that our wholesale flowers are fresh and the highest possible standard, we buy regularly during the week from the world flower markets and the European flower auctions.

All our flowers and foliage are kept in a computer monitored cold room and the water and storage units are changed regularly according to a strict timetable. We review our stock daily because we wouldn’t sell you something that we wouldn’t buy ourselves! Stock that is coming towards the end of its shelf life is donated to a local old people’s home so it can still be enjoyed.

Our service is fast and friendly, with the emphasis on person-to-person contact.

In our view it’s the best way to ensure customers are happy!

Whether you require a single premier bloom or all the flowers for a wedding or special event we can help. There’s no minimum order value and you don’t need an account to buy from us.

One unique feature which sets us apart from other flower shops or non-specialist general retailers is that you can ask us to order flowers for you from the world’s flower markets. That way, you know you will be getting the freshest flowers at the most competitive price.

We also have a huge range of floral sundries and florist supplies. Take a look at our florist supplies page!

You can browse our wholesale flower catalogue below. If there is something you want that’s not in our catalogue don’t worry. We have been in the business for over 30 years so if there is a flower you want, the chances are that we have sourced it for someone before.

To place an order either:

Unless you are an established account holder we will typically require a deposit when you place an order.

Flower Catalogue

Click here to view the most recent flower price list for items in stock in our cold room.